Commencement Of Tolling Operations Along The Kampala—Entebbe Expressway.


8th January 2022

Road users will officially start paying toll fees on the Kampala— Entebbe Expressway starting today, Saturday, 8th January 2022 at 11am at the three (3) toll stations in Mpala, Kajjansi and Busega. 

The commencement of the exercise follows months of preparation and engagement with the public on the process of operations and the fees structure for the different classes of vehicles that will use the Kampala-Entebbe Expressway

Class 1 (Motorcycles >400cc) are to pay Ugx.3000 per trip; Class 2 (Light Vehicles (with or without trailer) are to pay Ugx.5,000 per trip; Class 3 (Medium Goods vehicles (2-3 axles) to pay Ugx.10,000 per trip while Class 4a (Large goods vehicles and buses (4-5 axles) will pay Ugx.15,000 per trip and Class 4b (Large goods vehicles (6 or more axles) will pay Ugx.18,000 per trip.

For and easier access to the road, Upesi cards can be purchased at each point of sale on the Toll Plazas along the Expressway. The cards have discount options ranging from 10% for an Easy pass, 50% for a Weekly pass and to 70% for a Monthly pass. The cards are free of charge to all motorists intending to use the Expressway. 

Customers can also revert to the point of sale for any information or concerns/ feedback about the service. A toll free line 0800270170 is also in place to assist motorists incase of any emergency incidents while on the Expressway or visit our website  for related information on Tolling Operations.

Drivers are requested to reduce their speed to 20km/hr. as they proceed the toll gates and choose an open lane, topped by a green light sign.

In case of accident or breakdown, drivers must put warnings lights on, deploy a safety triangle and call our Toll free line for assistance. Our dedicated incident response team will arrive in a jiffy while driver and passengers alike wait safely on the sideway.

About Egis Road Operation:

Egis is a major international group in the engineering and mobility services whose unique global services range encompasses infrastructure consulting, engineering and operation. Egis manages and transforms road infrastructure for public and private owners and investors. 

Through our capacity for innovation, we respond to climate and digital challenges by offering solutions and acknowledged know-how in areas of transportation and mobility, sustainable city construction, buildings, water, the environment and energy.

By partnering through every stage of the project, Egis strives to create enduring social and economic benefits today and tomorrow.

In Uganda, Egis operates and maintains 26.2KM of the Kampala-Entebbe Expressway under Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA), operating the toll collection system and providing high quality road management services which enable value added services to the toll users.

We Look Forward to Your Continued Support as You Enjoy Your Expressway Ride!