Frequently Asked

Government uses funds from taxes to provide a broad range of competing services including water, health services, energy, education, roads etc. Tolls on the Kampala Entebbe Expressway however will only be utilised for the operations, maintenance as well as repayment of the loan for the Expressway. The funds from taxes shall continue maintaining the existing Entebbe Road which is free. Payment of tolls helps Governments all over the world to provide more than the basic service for the Users that require it.

Operation covers the functionality of the Expressway including facilitating the smooth flow of traffic. This includes;

  • Toll Collections
  • Accident management and road side assistance
  • Route patrols
  • Overload management
  • Maintenance is work that is done on a road to ensure that it remains in a good condition with a good riding quality.
  • Maintenance on the expressway includes cleaning and repair of the road surface (cracks), shoulders, embankments and slopes, drains and waterways, bridges and other facilities (guardrails, fence, lights, etc), grass cutting.
  • For any road to last for its intended design life, it must undergo routine and periodic maintenance.
  • Roads must be maintained because they gradually deteriorate over time due to passage of traffic, weather conditions (rain) and incidents.
  • Reliable travel
  • Reduced travel time
  • Cost savings resulting from less fuel, wear and tear and less lost productivity time
  • Reduced stress
  • Cleaner air/ reduced pollution due to reduced vehicle start stop operations
  • Guaranteed security 24/7
  • Free emergency services including towing services, ambulance services and traffic management
  • Improved safety facilities such as lighting, road signs etc. which will reduce accidents
  • Better riding quality

The vehicles exempt from paying the tolls are the following as prescribed in the Roads Act;

  • The Presidential convoy
  • Ambulances and
  • Fire brigade trucks.

NO OTHER categories of vehicles are exempt.

Toll collections shall start on 8th January 2022. However, starting December, 2021, UNRA together with the Operator commenced the trial runs for toll collections to ensure robustness and reliability of the toll collection system.

Class 1Motorcycles >400ccugx 3000 per trip
Class 2Light Vehicles (with or without trailer)ugx 5,000 per trip
Class 3Medium Goods vehicles (2-3 axles)ugx 10,000 per trip
Class 4Large goods vehicles and buses (4-5 axles)ugx 15,000 per trip
Large goods vehicles (6 or more axles)ugx 18,000 per trip

NOTE: A trip is a single journey in one direction that starts from any of the three entry points on the expressway (Busega, Kajjansi or Mpala toll plazas), and ends at any of the three exit points (Kampala Northern Bypass/ Busega, Kajjansi Roundabout or Mpala Interchange).

The three discount regimes on KEE are:

  • Easy Pass Discount: This is applied on Easy Pass Cards at a discounted rate of 10% per trip.
  • Weekly Pass Discount: This is applied on the Weekly Pass Cards and comprises 14 trips at a discounted rate of 50% per trip valid for any consecutive 7- day period.
  • Monthly Pass Discount: This is applied on the Monthly Pass Cards and comprises 60 trips at a discounted rate of 70% per trip valid for any consecutive 30- day period.

The discounts are applied for each class as follows:

 Easy Pass (10%)Weekly Pass (up to 50%) Monthly Pass (up to 70%)
Class 1Each trip2,700Each trip valid for 7 days1,500Each trip valid for 30 days900
Class 24,5002,5001,500
Class 39,0005,0003,000
Class 413,5007,5004,500

There are two payment channels. Cash and Electronic Card however, Electronic Card is preferred and for this reason this payment option attracts discounts.

No. This will cause delays due to increased transaction time at the booth. However, Electronic Cards can be loaded with mobile money or bank cards at points of sale.

  • Electronic Cards are smart cards that can be preloaded by the User with the funds required to pay for trips along the Expressway.
  • The User with an Electronic Card shall approach the toll plaza and tap the card to the card reader at the toll booth to deduct the appropriate toll fee from the card (‘tap and go’).

There are three types of Electronic Cards on KEE:

  • Easy Pass Cards;
  • Weekly Pass Cards; and,
  • Monthly Pass Cards.
  • Funds or trips loaded on an Electronic Card are non-refundable.

The funds or trips on the Electronic Card are valid for one year i.e if a User does not use the card for twelve consecutive months, they forfeit any funds or trips that were loaded on the card.

Funds or trips loaded on an Electronic Card are non-refundable.

  • The Electronic Cards are available at the three toll plazas namely Busega, Kajjansi and Mpala.
  • In addition, Points of Sale will be communicated to the public at least one month in advance of commencement of tolling. These will include fuel service stations, supermarkets and other convenient locations around Kampala and Entebbe.

Easy Pay Cards

  • User Name evidenced by a National ID or Driving Permit
  • Telephone number

Weekly and Monthly Pass Cards

  • User Name evidenced by a National ID or Driving Permit
  • Telephone number
  • Vehicle number plate
  • The Electronic Card shall be issued to motorists for free. However, if the card is lost, damaged or stolen, the motorist will be required to pay 20,000ugx for a replacement.
  • Each User will be entitled to one free card which will be identified by the name and phone number registered at the time of issuance and number plate for monthly and weekly users.
  • The discounted minimum amounts loadable on an electronic card at the time of issuance are as below;
 Easy Pass Card Weekly Pass CardMonthly Pass Card
Class 120,00021,00054,000
Class 235,00090,000
Class 370,000180,000
Class 4105,000270,000
  • Cash or bank cards at the points of sale;
  • MTN MOMO; and,
  • Airtel Money.

A Regular Card (Easy Pass card) can be used by multiple vehicles of different classes provided they have adequate credit for the toll.

A Frequent User card is tagged to a particular number plate and therefore is not transferable to another vehicle.

Yes. You can top up additional trips on your monthly and weekly pass cards before the validity period ends E.g., A Class 2 User can top up 60 extra trips when they still have 5 days left on their Monthly Pass Card. The card will be activated with 60 trips valid for 30 days.

Users will be required to go to the points of sale at any of the three toll stations with the required identification (National ID or Driving Permit) and pay a fee of UGX 20,000 and the corresponding minimum amount loadable to get a new card.

If the Electronic Card is damaged, the balance of funds or trips on the that card shall be reloaded on the new card.
Users will be required to go to the points of sale at any of the three toll stations with the required identification and pay a fee of UGX 20,000 to get a new card.